About Us

Getting To Know Us

Get to know us better

We are a small family run business, we get all of our wood pieces from our property. We try to find the most unique pieces of wood to create unique one of a kind clocks.

Most of our clocks have live edges to give them a rustic look.

  •  Every clock is a unique one of a kind piece of art.
  •  Have us make a custom clock to your specifications.
  •  Choose the wood, clock and instruments and we will make it for you.
  •  With our wood being reclaimed wood they all have a rustic look to them.

Our Process

When you look at this pile what do you see?  Firewood? Junk?  

What I see is the potential for a lot of amazing clocks and other unique creations.  This is what we start with when making out products.  We go out on our property and find unique pieces of wood.  Sometimes it is a whole tree that has already fallen and sometimes it is just small blocks of a fallen tree that we cut out.

After collecting the pieces we take the bark off of the piece and then decide how to cut it down to make an amazing clock or some other product out of it.  Once it has been cut down to size we sand it so it sits flat for desktop or wall.  We then router and sand the place for the clock and once that is done we then sand and stain the outside.