Making a Clock

Our Process

Making a weather station clock

Step 1

The first step in the process is to select and cut a slab from a log.  The more limbs in the log the better like the one shown here with three limbs.  With this particular piece that we found having the big gap in the middle of the limbs it gives it a very unique characteristics to it.  We cut all of our pieces with a chainsaw so we cut them at a bout 2" thick which gives us plenty of material to work with while sanding.

Step 2

We then measure the piece and the knots and decide what type and size of clock to put in.  There is no real reasoning what style we choose, this being the first clock we made we just went with a basic Fancy Arabic Clock Insert but chose one that was as big as we could fit without taking up too much space.

Step 3

With this piece having three limbs which by the way is VERY hard to find, we have only found a couple pieces like that and this one is the largest of them. Next is to decide what else to add since we have two more limbs.  For this piece we went for a weather station theme.  One limb has a 2 3/4" Thermometer and the other has a 2 3/4" Barometer.

Step 4

Next comes the most time consuming part of making these clocks.  Sanding, sanding and more sanding.  We can't run them through the planer as the plane chips out the edges, we lost a couple of pieces trying to use the planer.  We go from 50 grit to 80 grit to 120 grit to 220 grit to 320 grit to 400 grit.

Step 5

For the weather instruments they work better if you drill all the way through the wood so we used a large 2 1/2" Forstner Bit to drill the holes.  With this being our first clock we used a hole saw to cut the hole for the clock and then chiseled out the material.  Since then though with these large holes we use the TURBOShaft from Arbortech that attaches to a grinder, what an amazing attachment it is. 

Step 6

Lastly we put a finish on the piece, applying the finish itself does not take a long time but waiting between each coat adds to the time to be able to have a finished product.  We typically put 3 or 4 coats of finish on each piece depending on well the piece takes the finish.


Show off this unique one of a kind clock / weather station.  We could optionally have added picture inserts instead of the weather instruments.  With this being the first clock we made this went to my wife as a birthday present.